Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weeds, Weeds, Beautiful Weeds

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Beautiful Weeds

Let the wheat and weeds both grow together....Mathew 13:30
Almost everyone I know complains about weeds; they pop up in in places you don't want them to, they hurt if you step on them barefoot and are a general nuisance to gardeners.
I beg to differ with weed haters. I love them. While mowing our yard, I see many pretty close-up views of weeds and wonder to myself, why do folks hate weeds so much? They are so pretty!

I remember picking handsful of these when I was a little girl; how I loved to gather a bunch of these pretty little 'flowers' and give them to my mom and grandma.
Speaking of Nana, my grandma, this funny little picture reminded me of her. Oh, she never wore a bikini whilst gardening but still......she was always battling weeds....and I could never understand why.
A garden of weeds... ah, no worries.
Blow-away dandelions ....why did Nana always tell me not to blow them? Such fun!
Thank You, Lord...even for the dreaded weeds; I think they're beautiful!

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