Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Sister, Michelle

                                                         ~ Grace Gift ~
                                                      My sister, Michelle

I had hoped to get this posted in time for Michelle's birthday on October 19th but I was unable to access my blog until now.
So, Happy Birthday, Michelle!
Mom n' Michelle
Nana, Pa, Michelle
Dad n' Michelle
These fancy cloths itch...
I hope no one is watching me stick my fingers in my cake.
I made this photo a bit larger so you canbetter see Mom.... doesn't she look like Sarah Marie in this photo?

Pa, Michelle and KiddiePark
Michelle in front of Nana's flock garden.
Oh goody! A real baby doll for Christmas :-)
I think I'll read Patti a story
Michelle and Lady
Blowin' out the candles... Look, I see good ole Uncle Tom peeking at us back there...and the back of Kent's head
Looks like the chair is a bit too small for Michelle.Look at the wallpaper and photo's in the background.
I remember the little rose buds! Wow, a first memory for me.
I love this photo. Mom looks so happy! Also, don't you think Mom looks a lot like Melissa here?
I LOVED this little hat....wonder what ever happened to it.
Aren't we  happy-looking ? haha
Halloween here... not too sure what we were so happy about but this makes me smile :-)
Gettin' older here. Look at the color wheel under the Christmas tree :-)
Good grief....looks like I'm in a crabby mood....and look at the fashions we wore! LOL !

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