Thursday, December 31, 2015


Grace Gift
Living your dreams.

If I had a bucket list, I would put visiting Paris again close to the top of that list.
There's just something wonderful about that city.
I have been there before, years ago but would love to go again~ this time with my husband, Stan and my grown daughters. I do believe they would love it there as much as I.
So, until that day, if/when it comes, I will post a bit right here.
Enjoy the trip.

My limited French  consisted of  useful phrases like I Love You and Please, Thank You and Good day. 
"I love you" isn't something you just want to walk up to anyone and say but it's a phrase I knew. But 'please and thank you' are appropriate in any language.
Its funny how humbling an experience it is to be in a country where your level of communication is about the same as a caveman.

C'est magnifique (say mahg nee feek) -It's magnificant, it's wonderful
My mom would have loved to go here- the Opera House.

Walking along a cobbled pedestrian street in Paris, among many other cobbled pedestrian streets in a neighborhood of small restaurants, fast food places, cafes, bars and tourist shops is a neighborhood with a great many Greek restaurants, some with delicious looking displays of food in the window. One had a whole, leg of lamb turning on a spit while the fats and juices dripped down into a big pan of roasting potatoes. It was the most effective advertising I had ever seen.

Now I know what a 'mighty fortress' is.

A lovely way to spend some quiet time.

Lovely cobblestone roads...

It took a while, but I climbed this stairway.

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