Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dipping A Net

Dipping a net in a memory's stream and pulling out thank You's 
for Grace Gifts.

Ah, sweets on a hot summer day... 

What sweet grace gifts these little fellas are.

Yummy.... fresh fruit; another grace gift.
Little buddy's smiles... precious grace gifts, indeed.


  1. The Best Blog compared to All

    Much Respect

    I Must say this Blog brings me home-So does the writer. I stray I get caught Up in issues of the day--Patti is likened to Winston Churchill in her stlye as a Gifted writer. Feel Down ALL come on--Drink the Lord Gave Patti a Gift that is Sharable--Drink from it there WILL ALWAYS be Enough----Pete James00

  2. ((( Pete )))
    I appreciate your kind, encouraging words....
    I am humbled though because it's all about Him and His Grace...His Grace. :-)